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How Weight Loss Changes Your Face and What To Do About It

By |3:11 pm|Health and Wellness|

If you’ve been thinking about taking a weight loss medication, then you’ve probably seen social media posts about “Ozempic Face.” Many people don’t think about how weight loss changes your face. [...]

Minor Car Accident Injuries Happen: Here's Why You Should Get Treatment After a Fender Bender

By |3:12 pm|Health and Wellness|

  You’re at a red light when the person coming up behind you looks down at their phone and rear-ends you. They weren’t going fast, and there were only a few scratches [...]

Symptoms of a Stroke or Heart Attack: Plus, What to do if You've Had One

By |12:00 pm|Health and Wellness|

  February is American Heart Health, but education about heart health and prevention is an all-year necessity. More people of all races and ethnicities die from cardiovascular disease than any other single [...]

How to Get Ready for Summer: (without crash diets and trendy products that don't work!)

By |7:15 pm|Health and Wellness|

Beach vacations and days at the swimming pool are right around the corner, and it’s time to break out that swimsuit. For some, that’s exciting! But if you don’t feel confident, [...]

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